Greeting the fans. (Lori Wilson/

“To get to play someone sort of badass and hardcore was fun.”

As the actors gathered in the green room before the All My Children Fan Club Main Cast Event on July 30, had the chance to talk with Stephanie Gatschet about her last couple of years playing Madison and of course, “All My Children” heading online. How are you feeling about the upcoming weeks taping the final episodes of “All My Children” as we know it.

Stephanie Gatschet: It’s bittersweet. It’s very sad obviously to think of it being the end. I don’t know that it’s going to hit me or hit most of us until September, because we’re still working and whatever and it’s hard to imagine after all these years that the show is going to be off the air. We’ll see. There’s a lot of anticipation about what the whole online thing is going to be about. None of us really know what it is yet, so just waiting to see. Hopeful. Are you keeping an open mind about following the show online?

Stephanie Gatschet: Totally, yeah. Are you still looking for other jobs as well?

Stephanie Gatschet: Yeah, I’m starting to audition. We have to. I mean we have to operate according to what we know. Just auditioning and working my last little bit of work and we’ll see. How long are you taping until?

Stephanie Gatschet: We tape until the end of August. We don’t know our dates yet all the way through. Do you know how Madison’s story is going to wrap up in September?