With Mackenzie Aladjem (Lori Wilson/Soaps.com)

“That’s the Kane in her.”

Soaps.com grabbed a few minutes with Christina Bennett Lind as the stars mingled in the green room before the All My Children Fan Club Main Cast Event on July 30. We spoke with the actress, who took over the role of Bianca in June 2010, about her character’s love life, the network end of “All My Children” and what the future holds.

Soaps.com: How are you feeling going into the last month of taping “All My Children” as we know it?

Christina: It’s a little sad. It’s been hard. I think it was harder when we found out about it because it felt so devastating. Now, I think we’ve all sort of gotten used to the idea, but it’s still hard. Sometimes I’m on set and I’ll look up at the lights or something and say, ‘Aww. It’s all going to go dark.’ But I’m also like a real sap, so that’s probably why. It’s been a little hard. It’s been a little hard coming back to know we’re going to start reading our last stuff now, our last stories. It’s you know…I don’t know. It’s a little sad.

Soaps.com: Do you have an idea of how Bianca’s story will wrap up in September?

Christina: I don’t know yet, but I’m hopeful she’ll be happily ever after. That’s sort of my hope.

Soaps.com: Bianca finally has a love interest, which is nice. Are you excited she finally has that?

Christina: I do feel a little bit like, ‘I’ve been waiting so long for it and now it’s over!’ But yeah, it’s really exciting, plus it’s so much fun to work with Sarah [Glendening, Marissa]. I just feel like I get to really work and play off of her and it’s fun. That’s the most important thing.

Soaps.com: Who else have you been working with a lot lately?

Christina: A lot of Susan [Lucci, Erica] and Alicia [Minshew, Kendall], the family sort of thing. I haven’t seen Uncle Jack [Walt Willey] in a while. Mostly it’s been like JR [Jacob Young]. I’ve had so many more scenes with JR than I’ve had in the past.

Soaps.com: You two have had some nice confrontation scenes.