J.R. signing autographs. (Lori Wilson/Soaps.com)

“I’ve come to not underestimate the fans when it comes to whatever they’re passionate about.”

Just before he was to moderate the Q&A at the All My Children Fan Club Main Cast Event, J.R. Martinez took a few minutes to chat with Soaps.com. The United States Army veteran turned motivational speaker, who has been playing the role of Brot Monroe since 2008, shared his thoughts on “All My Children” moving online, his future as an actor and the amazing support of the fans.

Soaps.com: How did you get chosen to emcee the event?

J.R.: Well, Walt [Willey, Jack, who emceed the event last year] for some reason was not able to be here, so they reached out to me because I of course publicly do a lot of motivational speaking and host a lot of events. They kind of felt it was a good opportunity for me to kind of just come and…they felt I’d be good at it. I’m excited. You know, kinda nervous, we’ll see what happens because there’s big shoes to fill when it comes to Walt. However, I think I’ll be able to handle it.

Soaps.com: What are your thoughts on the transition “All My Children” is going through and it possibly ending for you?

J.R.: It’s tough. Individually, besides the major characters on the show, individually for myself at least, the show is bigger than me. It’s a lot bigger than me. It was around for 38 years before I even came to the surface, so it’s connected a lot of people. It has such rich history when it comes to families and homes. It’s sad it had the idea of it potentially ending. However, with the idea of it going online, even though it is online and it’s not exactly what people want, at least you know that it’s there. Hopefully later down the road maybe they can find a way to bring it back to a network or something like that where it can be easily accessible to all the fans. As far as for Brot Monroe, it’s been a great three years. I was only expected to be on for three months and to have grown and be accepted and embraced the way I have been and been able to tell the story I’ve been able to tell through my character, whether it ends or continues, it’s been an unbelievable ride and I would never change it for anything. I’ll be forever grateful for the opportunity I had here.

Soaps.com: Are you keeping an open mind about following the show online?

J.R.: I am. I think we all are. I think we all are keeping our options open. It’s just a matter of what their plan is. We don’t know. None of us have been reached out to individually. We don’t know. There are a lot of kinks that need to be ironed out. We just hope that they do come to all of us. All of us obviously enjoy what we do. We enjoy going into the homes or offices of everyone that we go into on a daily basis. We hope we can all kind of make the transition, but there comes the point where sometimes some people have to make the best decision for them and hopefully it works out.