Jacob Young (Lori Wilson/Soaps.com)

“He’s his own worst enemy.”

Soaps.com met up with Jacob Young (JR) at the All My Children Fan Club Main Cast Event on July 30. Before the luncheon got started, we had the chance to talk about “All My Children” heading online, as well as JR’s growth as a character and the many people returning to his life.

Soaps.com: What can you tell us about the “All My Children” documentary you are working on?

Jacob: We’ve all been working on this documentary, but it’s kind of on hold at the moment now with all the new news. It was basically a show coming to an end. That’s what it was about and now it’s kind of not necessarily ending. We’ve been working really hard on it and getting a lot of interviews, but right now we’re just kind of in a holding pattern.

Soaps.com: Could it become a transition documentary?

Jacob: Maybe it will turn into that, yeah.

Soaps.com: Are you entertaining the idea of going online with the show if it all works out?

Jacob: Yeah. I mean if it can meet all the union benefits and the things we need. A lot of the actors have been paying their pensions for a lot of years and just to throw something like that away to keep a show going, I don’t know [if it] is worth it. But if they can come to all those terms, I’m there.

Soaps.com: Are you looking for other things right now or waiting to see what happens?

Jacob: I’m just kind of waiting it out. See what’s going on. I’m not in any rush.

Soaps.com: How long have you been playing JR now?

Jacob: Almost eight years.

Soaps.com: How are you feeling about it possibly coming to an end?

Jacob: It’s been an emotional roller coaster for everybody. It was sad when we got the news and then one moment it’s very happy and you come in the next day and everybody is in that lull again, having that ominous cloud above us. I like to consider it the death march because it’s like that’s what we’re doing right to the very end. Showing up every day knowing the end is in sight. It’s difficult, but we’re still putting our game face on. We’re going in there and doing our best quality work we possibly can.