For many All My Children fans, Eden Reigel will always be Bianca Montgomery. And, you know what? That is just fine with Eden! I had the chance to catch up with Eden during a phone chat a few days ago to talk about her new project “Imaginary Bitches”. You can read about that here.

We also talked about her life as Bianca and a few other projects in the works. She recently finished shooting a film called “Year One” with Jack Black. That movie is set for release during the summer of 2009. She is also set to begin filming on another film “The Old Cemetery”.

Here is what Eden had to say about life post-Pine Valley.

First, let’s talk about Pine Valley.

Kristi: “You are so identified as Bianca … does that ever get frustrating?”

Eden: “No! I love Bianca, and it’s never had a negative impact on my life! My fans are the best fans that anyone could ask for. The fans come up to me and pour their heart out and tell me all the ways my character has impacted their lives. It’s so much deeper than I could have imagined. I’m thrilled! They’re loyal and devoted and so supportive and I know that whatever I do they will be right there with me.”

Eden said that her fans have followed her from Pine Valley to support her other projects – including the online series and the two films.

Kristi: “What other projects do you have in the works?”