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Lori’s “All My Children” Weekly Wrap Up For July 18 – 22:

Last week, a seemingly lucid Dixie pounded on pipes, prevented David’s drugs from being injected into her blood stream and picked a lock in order to escape, yet, she stumbled through the park like she was in a zombie movie. Despite that ridiculousness, “All My Children” remained on fire as the mystery surrounding Project Orpheus deepened and Erica escaped. Let’s get to it.

Project Orpheus.
So much happened with this storyline last week: David was revealed to be keeping Dixie stashed away, Griffin called Maria for information on David, Greenlee started conning David after she remembered things from her time under David’s care, and Griffin began having serious doubts about his mentor’s secret project. There’s just so much going on with so many different characters, that I can’t wait to discover what happens next each day. Isn’t this the way stories on “All My Children” or any soap should always be told?

Finally free.

After Jane realized David was just using her, she agreed to let Erica go free. After empathizing with her captor, Erica agreed not to press any charges and just walked away. I’m really not understanding why Erica would allow that to happen, but it did provide for some nice comedy as, with no proof, everyone just looked at her like she was a crazy woman when she tried to explain what had happened. David’s mock surprise and claims that she needed help capped it off nicely. More humor should ensue when Erica is carted off to Oak Haven this week. I can only imagine the shenanigans that will transpire between her and her fellow inmates Annie, Marian and Janet. While I’m glad that Erica is finally free from her posh captivity, I have to admit I’m really gonna miss Jane.