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Lori’s “All My Children” Weekly Wrap Up For July 11 – 15:

A lot happened last week, but the most shocking thing had to be that Amanda went to bed at the end of one episode with long hair and miraculously woke up the next with a brand new shorter ‘do. That aside, “All My Children” is rockin’ these days, so let’s get to it.

Crazy Jane.

Much to my surprise, I could not be loving Jane’s story more. I might even prefer her to Erica. She’s just so entertaining. What do you think? Vote in our All My Children Poll: Jane or Erica? While I felt bad for Erica’s family and friends at the intervention, Jane was a hoot as she deflected all their concern, which I actually am thankful for. So many doppelganger stories end up with the fake person snowing everyone into thinking they are the real deal. It’s really refreshing that no one is actually buying Jane’s act. I fear her heart will be broken by David though, as he took great delight in proposing to her in front of a horrified Kendall and Bianca. However it turns out, I am gleefully along for the ride.

Intriguing mystery.

Speaking of David, I’m thoroughly enjoying the mystery surrounding Project Orpheus and I have to wonder if David could possibly be doing good with it. His comments to Angie about the lives he’s saved not being enough and telling Griffin, if only everyone knew what he was doing, lead me to believe he is. Not only do I not want David to be completely evil, I don’t want Griffin to turn out to be a bad guy by going along with one of David’s nefarious plans. My guess is not only does Project Orpheus have to do with Dixie, but Leo as well. That all remains to be seen, but in the meantime, David’s developing relationship with Angie is also a great point of interest. We’re seeing a much softer side to him, which is greatly affecting his patient against her better judgment. I am also clinging to the hope that David isn’t manipulating Angie and genuinely wants to help her.