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Lori’s “All My Children” Weekly Wrap Up For July 4 – 8:

The big news last week was that along with “One Life to Live,” All My Children will continue online. No one knows the specifics just yet regarding which actors or writers will follow, so it could be a whole new show we’re treated to, but at least we’ll still be able to visit one of our favorite fictional towns on a regular basis. It’s exciting news for sure, but since we don’t know who will migrate online, I do hope the writers still give the characters some closure when September rolls around. While we wait for word on what the future holds, let’s get to what’s happening right now in Pine Valley.

Project Orpheus.
Griffin returned to town for Kendall last week. We all knew he would and we’ll finally get some long awaited payoff this week when the two kiss. I can’t wait to see them finally connect, but I’m also really excited Griffin is seemingly embroiled in a mystery with David regarding Project Orpheus. I like him with Kendall, but he needs to have something else going on in order to keep the character interesting and him possessing the same mysterious key card as David is certainly it. I love that the show is being sent off with a brand new mystery, but I have to wonder if it involves all, or some, of the returning presumed dead characters. I guess we’ll find out soon enough. I just hope whatever Griffin’s connection to Project Orpheus is, it isn’t irredeemable.

Bad news.

Amanda’s pregnancy scare turned into an STD. While I was happy they didn’t go the clichéd who’s-the-daddy route, I was a little incensed upon first hearing where this story was going. I kind of feel like they are punishing Amanda for her past and am disappointed this is how her time in Pine Valley is starting to wrap up. However, watching the scene of Amanda admitting the possibility of it to JR was more realistic than I expected. STDs do happen and they don’t discriminate. Maybe Amanda’s predicament will prompt some viewers to get tested themselves. Regardless of the public service announcement, if JR didn’t give it to her (since he got tested after Annie), who did? Jamie? Jake? David? Someone else? And if she passed it on to any of the men in her life, who knows how many other people in Pine Valley have it.