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Lori’s “All My Children” Weekly Wrap Up For June 20 – 24:

Last week, Amanda and JR did the deed, “Erica” continued to entertain and Griffin and Kendall played with my emotions. Other things happened as well, so let’s get to it.


Thinking Jake had slept with Cara, Amanda jumped into bed with JR to try and feel better. It of course didn’t work. She then learned Jake never cheated on her, which only made her feel worse. I appreciate the soapiness of it all, but I’m kind of disappointed the old lovers turned to each other for comfort. JR acted pretty rashly after Marissa merely suggested they were moving too fast. That wasn’t exactly rejection. However, I thought of my past interview with Jacob Young where he mused that JR always needs a woman by his side and it doesn’t necessarily matter who it is. So, that made a little more sense to me. But, as Amanda herself pointed out, she’s come a long way from when she first returned to town and it was sad to see her revert to her old self. I wish she would have confronted Jake about Cara before jumping to conclusions. Old insecurities, I guess. I imagine this storyline could play out for a long time, but with the September deadline quickly approaching, Jake is going to have to forgive her awfully quickly, since I can only assume they will end up together. Or could Jake and Cara possibly be the end game? I hope not.

Bianca fesses up.
After all the touching and closeness that’s been going on lately, Bianca reached her breaking point and told Marissa she was attracted to her. While I believe Jake will eventually forgive Amanda for her dalliance, I wonder if Marissa will kick JR to the curb for good and explore things with Bianca. I for one hope so.