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Well fans, if you just can’t get enough of Thorsten Kaye – and, really, who can? – here’s another chance. Thorsten recently began blogging about all things hockey and his favorite team the Detroit Red Wings at

Thorsten is an avid hockey fan. Some of you may have noticed the tee “Zach” wore last Friday, April 25, 2008 was a Detroit Red Wing’s shirt. A lot of Zach’s casual apparel – and even some of the casual clothing on-screen sons Spike and Ian wear – are somehow hockey and Red Wing related. How does he sneak those little bits of unpaid product placement on All My Children?

“Whenever I have the chance to sneak in a Red Wings logo somewhere in a scene, I jump at the opportunity,” said Thorsten in one of his blog posts.

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How did this German-born boy, raised partially in England – hence that yummy accent! – become a rabid hockey fan? According to Thorsten it all started in graduate school, which he attended in Detroit.