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“All My Children” Weekly Wrap Up For June 13 – 17:

We were treated to some additional casting news last week and I can sense some really great storylines ahead. Some of our favorite Pine Valley residents gave us several stellar moments with lots of laughter. I have some thoughts on what went on, so let’s go.

Everything old is new again.
More former Pine Valley residents are scheduled to show their lovely faces on “All My Children” soon. Leven Rambin (Lily and Ava), Jennifer Bassey (Marian), Kate Collins (Janet), and Melissa Claire Egan (Annie) will return and I’m betting they will raise a little hell in P.V. I can’t wait for that!

Tad, the middle-aged smurf.
Tad’s attempt to hide his age ended up backfiring big time due to Opal’s hairdressing skills. She’s a ‘cosmetologist’ don’t cha know! Well, it created some really hilarious moments for us. ‘Blueberry Top Tad’ skulked around Pine Valley hiding his locks under a ball cap. Never having seen a ball cap on Tad ever, this was a new and slightly ridiculous look for his character. I love Michael E. Knight’s acting and especially his sense of humor. I often feel like he’s not given the opportunity to demonstrate what a great actor he really is. Aside from the funny bits, I thought he showed a real vulnerability about his perceived lost sex appeal that is not seen frequently enough in “All My Children” or any other soap for that matter. He was a hoot and I hope the writers let Tad keep us laughing.