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Lori’s “All My Children” Weekly Wrap Up For June 6 – 10:

Last week produced some exciting casting news, more fun with David and Jane and questions about the necessity of certain characters. Overall, it was another decent week in Pine Valley, so let’s get to it.

Dead or alive?

With the end drawing near, more returns are being revealed. Last week we learned that Josh Duhamel will reprise his role as Leo du Pres. I have to say, I’m pretty excited and impressed by this news. He got his start on “All My Children” and after all his post Daytime success, he clearly isn’t afraid to pay respect to it. George Clooney (ex-Doug) did it before “ER” went off the air. Julianne Moore (ex-Frannie/Sabrina) showed up on “As the World Turns” before it went dark forever. And now Josh Duhamel. He’s always been likable, but even more so now. However, the question remains: In what manner will he return? He was last seen going off a cliff, presumably to his death. He’s supposedly only returning for one, maybe two episodes, so there’s really no time to break Greenlee and Ryan up, reunite her with Leo and do it justice. I suppose, most of the story could take place before we even see him, giving it some plausibility, but with Dixie and Zach already set to return from the dead, resurrecting a third thought-to-be-dead character within a month of the other ones is just too much, even for a soap. So, that leaves him returning as a ghost or in a dream. I hope if that’s the route they take, then he has time to visit his brother David, as well as Greenlee. Or…Maybe Jane is Leo and David’s mother Vanessa. That would at least set the story up for Leo’s return if he is alive.