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Lori’s “All My Children” Weekly Wrap Up For May 30 – June 3:

For as long as I can remember, “General Hospital” has been my number one soap. However, “All My Children” has taken me by surprise by being the one I am more interested in watching these days. Especially now that, among other things, Ricky is out of the picture, Dixie has been popping up and “Erica” has turned into the comic relief. Let’s get to it.

Ricky, out.

Ricky was arrested and presumably hauled off to prison last week. After a run-in with Ryan and Greenlee, where he taunted them about not really being married, and getting under Griffin’s skin about his feelings for Kendall, he was gone. I’m happy to be moving on from this storyline, but I don’t necessarily feel satisfied with Ricky’s comeuppance. Kendall helped take him down, but I’m not feeling her closure on this. Or more to the point, mine, I suppose.

Moving on.
Despite Ricky being arrested, Kendall is having a hard time walking away from the ordeal. I felt her pain upon her admitting to Bianca that releasing her anger at Ricky would be like letting Zach go. It seemed like such a real reaction to the situation. But even better was her conversation with Tad. What a great scene as Tad, speaking from experience, told her it was okay to love again. That love doesn’t have to be as great as the one she shared with Zach, but it could still be good. Just different.