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Lori’s “All My Children” Weekly Wrap Up For May 23 – 27:

“All My Children” has really been picking up lately. I’m interested in just about all the storylines and was entertained by every episode last week, but of course, I didn’t love everything. Let’s get to it.


I could not believe I saw a promo for “The Chew” during “All My Children” last week. I know they have to promote their new program, but it’s a slap in the face of Daytime fans. Not to mention, angry soaps viewers are not their target audience, considering they are replacing their beloved stories with said show. They might want to rethink their marketing strategy.

Strange behavior.

I had a hard time with Cara last week. She’s been a little too weepy for a while now, but her breakdown over thinking Griffin was dead, sent her right over the edge and produced a waterfall of tears. But even before she feared Griffin was dead, Cara lamented his absence saying how much she wanted to build a life with him in Pine Valley. Um, Cara? He’s not your lover, he’s your brother. I appreciate her love for Griffin, but I really need her to dial it back a bit. It’s creepy. Then there was her kiss with Jake, which I just thought was awkward. She was across the room from him worried about Grffin one minute and then all of a sudden she was attacking him. After months of build up, I was a bit disappointed in their anticipated kiss. Mostly because, while I bought his guilt over the kiss, I’m not convinced of Jake’s motivation towards either woman in his life. What did you think of it? Vote in our All My Children Poll: Jake and Cara’s Kiss.

Out of nowhere.

JR, Marissa and Bianca have turned into one of my favorite storylines. I didn’t expect to be invested in anything to do with Marissa, but I love her with JR and am liking how Bianca responds to her, which I originally didn’t think would be believable. I’m not sure who I want her with, but I know I will feel bad for whoever loses out. The sign of a good triangle, I think.