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Lori’s “All My Children” Weekly Wrap Up For May 16 – 20:

On last week’s “All My Children,” a few stories continued along, a new one began and another one thankfully started to wrap up. All in all it was a decent week in Pine Valley, so let’s break it down.

Sara’s gone.
I was more affected by the death of Madison’s baby than I thought I would be. However, it was Scott who really got to me. One look at Greenlee’s devastated expression and he just knew the baby was gone. His whole face changed as he tried to stifle the tears, which in turn brought them to my eyes. I’m not really sure why they killed Madison and Ryan’s baby though. I feel like a lot of good stuff could have come from Madison struggling to make ends meet, while caring for a newborn and hopefully reconciling with Scott, as Ryan tried to forgive Greenlee, while helping to raise his third child with his third baby mama. I wonder where they will go with this foursome’s story now.

Double duty.
Even though I don’t love the storyline, Susan Lucci is doing a pretty decent job of portraying two different people. I always know I’m watching Jane pretending to be Erica and not just a different side of Erica. Jane is a bit more giddy about things than Erica ever was. It’s kind of fun to watch her marvel over Erica’s life and not care about the things and people that Erica would be more concerned about. It’s even more fun to see everyone’s reactions to her strange behavior, especially when she acts so warmly towards Greens. I loved that even villainous Ricky told “Erica” an engagement party so soon after Sara’s death was inappropriate. How deranged is Jane if Ricky is the voice of reason?