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Lori’s “All My Children” Weekly Wrap Up For May 9 – 13:

Last week in Pine Valley, Tad continued to be the sole worrier, AJ stepped up, Madison had an accident and Erica met her match. There was plenty of drama to go around so let’s get to it.

Broken record.

While I really like Tad and Cara, I feel Tad is in danger of becoming annoying when it comes to his wife. For some reason, Tad seems to be the only one concerned about Cara’s immigration status, as she continues to take risks and Jake continues to be sucked into her drama. I like that Tad cares about her and is worried for her safety, but I’m getting a little tired of him being the only voice of reason where their green card marriage and her and Jake’s connection are concerned. That seems to be all he talks about these days, but since Cady McClain is returning as Dixie this week, it would appear he will have other things to be concerned with.

I thought it was sweet that AJ stuck up for his birthday twin Miranda when some kids teased her about her mother being a ‘lezzie’. I liked it even better that JR told his son he was proud of him. He might have wanted to suggest AJ not physically fight other kids to protect his friend, but it was still a sweet moment between father and son. Miranda getting teased for having two moms seems like a realistic situation, but I would have preferred the interaction between Bianca and the girl’s mother to have gone a little differently. I felt the woman’s bigotry should have been more subtle rather than asking Bianca right off the bat if she had tried men. It felt a little forced and didn’t ring true to me. But, it was nice to see Marissa take a cue from AJ as she too stood up for her friend.