Behind the scenes.

The focus of the Daytime Emmys for soaps usually lands on the acting categories, but if it wasn’t for the behind the scenes people, there wouldn’t be a show. While All My Children racked up several Daytime Emmy actor nominations, they did pretty well in the technical categories as well.

“All My Children” received a nomination for Outstanding Drama Series for the episode of David’s dramatic return from the dead on November 23, 2010. Watch the video at 38th Annual Best Daytime Drama Emmy Episode Submissions and read the entire recap at You’ve Got Some Explaining To Do.

Other behind the scenes accolades include a nomination for Outstanding Achievement For A Casting Director For a Drama Series, as Pine Valley was introduced to new characters and recast roles throughout the year. Along the way, fans met Griffin (Jordi Vilasuso) and Cara Castillo (Lindsay Hartley), Caleb Cortlandt (Michael Nouri) and a new Scott Chandler (Daniel Cosgrove), among others.

Congratulations go out to all the nominees! Find out what technical categories “All My Children” and the other soaps are represented in at 38th Annual Daytime Emmy Award Nominations.