Inching closer? (

Lori’s “All My Children” Weekly Wrap Up For April 25 – 29:

Last week seemed to drag out some of the stories that need to quickly resolve themselves. I would have liked to have seen more David/Liza, Frankie/Randi and Scott/Madison, but we can’t always get what we want. While it was more of the same last week, a few new developments did occur and there was some big news in the returning character department, so let’s get down to it.

Disaster ahead.
Apparently Tad has some occupational competition, as Ryan hired a P.I. other than him to look into Zach’s death. But what was more puzzling than that, was the P.I. helped Ryan peg the guy who stabbed Griffin as the NTSB agent who Ryan met months ago, who told him they were putting Zach’s death to bed. He also discovered that Ricky was in the same city when and where Zach’s plane exploded. This seems like a good time to bring in the cops, wouldn’t you say? Of course, that’s not going to happen and Kendall is going to try and get information out of Ricky by seducing him. I’m not sure exactly what her overall plan is, but I would think having the cops help her would be a better alternative than kissing the man she believes killed her husband. What do you think Kendall should do? Vote in our All My Children Poll: Kendall’s Investigation.

Culprit or Red herring?

After getting served food from Krystal’s, Erica started to believe Krystal was behind her kidnapping. The show has also tried to subtly lead us to believe Krystal is the guilty party by having Krystal conveniently leave scenes in time to talk to Erica as the disguised voice. I don’t believe she’s Erica’s captor though. First of all, how on Earth would Krystal be able to pull off this elaborate scheme? Secondly, it’s too convenient and I don’t believe she would tip her hand by serving Erica her own food. Thirdly, it seems like a big ole red herring. Unless of course the red herring is the red herring. I think “As the World Turns” did this once by clearing the obviously guilty party early on, only to make that character the actual guilty one in the end. It could happen, but I really hope they don’t ruin Krystal’s character like that. Even though I really would like to see Erica freed, I am enjoying trying to figure out who her kidnapper is.