On her way home.

Updated May 31:

In a recent Twitter post, Cady McClain previewed that her next air date will be June 3.

Updated May 10:

Cady McClain announced via Twitter that her first air date back as Dixie will be May 17.

Updated April 29:

Cady McClain gave her fans good news on Twitter and Facebook by stating, “Finally – I can confirm the rumors. I AM returning to “AMC.” Very happy to be a part of this historical serial drama during its final curtain call.”

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Originally posted April 26:

Were the poisoned pancakes not as lethal as we thought? According to some reports Cady McClain will reprise her beloved role as Dixie before All My Children goes off the air in September. However, when Soaps.com reached out, a rep for ABC would not confirm the news.

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