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Lori’s “All My Children” Weekly Wrap Up For April 18 – 22:

As I started writing my blog for this week, I realized most things from here on out will be in reference to how things will/should end in September. It’s hard to watch some of the storylines knowing they only have a few months to wrap everything up in a way fans will approve of and that makes sense for the characters. The writers certainly have their work cut out for them with the way some things are being handled right now, so let’s get to it.

Not enough time.

I’d like to see Bianca and Marissa embark on a romance, but I’m not sure there’s enough time to tell the story right before September. I’ll settle for Marissa and JR getting back together and Bianca finding some happiness with someone who is already an out and proud lesbian. What do you think? Vote in our All My Children Poll: Bianca’s Love Life.

Free Erica.
Oh, how I hope Erica doesn’t stay trapped in her recreated room for much longer. Unfortunately, soaps have the bad habit of dragging things out for too long, so I’m not too optimistic. With the September deadline looming, I hope once new head writer Lorraine Broderick’s influence kicks in, this will be put to a quick end so Erica can get down to the business of being happy with Jack. Although, I am intrigued about who had the money to copy Erica’s expensive tastes and the brains to pull this off.