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Lori’s “All My Children” Weekly Wrap Up For April 11 – 15:

Erica may have been kidnapped and Griffin may have been stabbed last week, but the big drama occurred off screen when it was announced that All My Children had been cancelled. It’s certainly a sad time in Daytime, but we still have our show for a few more months, so let’s dissect what happened in Pine Valley last week.

No more Erica Kane?

There were 19 soap operas on the air in late 60s/early 70s and soon there will be just four. The genre that I, along with so many others, love continues to dwindle with the latest cancellations of “All My Children” and “One Life to Live.” Even though their demise had been rumored for months, it was still tough to hear that not just one, but two ABC soaps had been axed. To rub salt in the wound, “All My Children” is being replaced by a food show called “The Chew.” Quite possibly the worst name ever. Regardless of what is replacing our beloved soap opera, I hope TPTB give the characters and couples a good send off so we can think about them finally living happily ever after – forever. Imagine, Erica and Jack married for good. No more foils or divorces. Erica’s 11th wedding could actually be her last and would make for a good finale episode. I can only hope that at the very least, Adam and Zach are brought back before the show goes dark. What do you want to see happen before the final episode? Vote in our All My Children Poll: Wish List.

The wedding that almost was.
While “All My Children’s” demise may have been a shock, Erica and Jack’s non-wedding was not. I didn’t expect her to be kidnapped, but I pretty much knew the wedding wasn’t to be. After sending Caleb away and telling Opal she had no doubts about marrying Jack, Erica was kidnapped. We’re not sure who took La Kane, but my biggest question is: Did Erica really mean what she told Opal about her choice? Her pensive look after Opal left made me think otherwise, which disappointed me. I wanted Erica to absolutely choose Jack and not still be thinking of Caleb. As I alluded to above, I hope as the end nears, Erica and Jack get their happily ever after and Caleb moves on with Krystal or even Opal.