Kim Delaney, ex-Jenny, and Laurence Lau, ex-Greg (

Great couples are hard to find in today’s soap opera landscape, but in the past it seemed that supercouples were around every corner. We thought it would be fun to catch up with a few former supercouples from Pine Valley’s past to see what the actor’s are doing now.

Let’s start with fan-favorites Cliff Warner and Nina Cortlandt. Their on-again, off-again relationship began – and ended – during the 1980s. They married and divorced one another enough times to rival Erica Kane,but on the fourth go-round the marriage really took and Cliff and Nina have been together, albeit out of Pine Valley, ever since. Nina and Cliff were last seen in 1989 when they moved to Denver to begin a new life.

Peter Bergman, who played Cliff, is no stranger to daytime viewers. Soon after leaving AMC he landed in Genoa City as The Young and the Restless’s Jack Abbot.

Taylor Miller, Nina, has moved on from soap operas. She has returned for cameo appearances in Pine Valley several times, but seems content to live her life outside the spotlight. In 1998 she took the voice over role of Colonel Reese in the video game “Mech Commander” and in 2002 starred in the short-lived “Design” television series. She is married to Eli Tullis, has two children and currently acts in plays in the Chicago area.