A message to her fans.

After joining her fellow All My Children actors on Twitter, Stephanie Gatschet (Madison) expanded on her feelings regarding the cancellation of the soap through her website:

“It appears that the window into Pine Valley will be closed come September. I, along with the rest of our cast, am sad to see such an incredible show come to an end. It’s hard to see so many people lose their jobs (we are feeling for those at “One Life to Live” as well), especially people that I consider my extended family. We are all aware of the great sadness felt by our audience over the loss of a beloved show. Your support has meant the world to us. The face of Daytime, of television in general, is changing. Of course, life is full of change, and I really believe we must embrace it, welcoming whatever adventures the future may hold. I know that everyone at “All My Children” is committed to making these last few months as good and as meaningful as possible. I’m excited to see what we produce between now and the end…now is the time to honor the show, honor our audience, and honor the soap opera genre. I hope you’ll enjoy the rest of the ride with us. Thanks for being the best fans out there!”