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Lori’s “All My Children” Weekly Wrap Up For April 4 – 8:

It was announced that “All My Children” had once again appointed Lorraine Broderick as the head writer. Some see this as a reprieve from the cancellation rumors, while others believe she has been brought in to usher the show out. It remains to be seen, but I certainly hope it’s a positive sign of good things to come. Things haven’t stopped unraveling in Pine Valley as we wait out the rumors though, so let’s get down to dissecting what happened last week.

Forward movement.
Something of consequence finally happened in the Ricky/Kendall/Griffin story, as Ricky killed Diana and framed Griffin for her murder. This prompted Kendall to tell Jesse Griffin was the one stealing drugs from the hospital. I felt bad for Griffin that Kendall broke his confidence and I’m kind of disappointed to see Diana go, but I’m really happy that after weeks of Ricky stalking Kendall and having the same conversation with Diana, this storyline is finally going somewhere. I just hope Ricky is exposed relatively quickly so he can either be killed himself or go to prison and we can all move on.

Suspicious minds.
As Jesse spent the week freaking out over fooling Angie into thinking Lucy was really theirs, Cara expressed her doubts to Jake that the Hubbard baby wasn’t exactly the Hubbards’ baby. Despite being a doctor, who should probably also question how the baby could have survived a placental abruption, Jake chocked it up to a miracle. I already said it last week, but I’m really glad there is someone questioning what’s happening. Even David seems to be suspicious. Thankfully, Angie is picking up on her husband’s bizarre behavior as well. With doubts already swirling, Jesse constantly ready to jump out of his skin and Maya, Lucy’s biological mother, circling, I have to wonder how long this rouse will last.