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Lori’s “All My Children” Weekly Wrap Up For March 28 – April 1:

Last week a new storyline involving the Hubbards kicked off and others continued to maintain their course. Let’s get to the good and the bad of it all.

Hubbard drama.

The big story last week involved Jesse switching his and Angie’s stillborn baby with another baby who was dumped off in Brot’s car. I don’t know if I was just emotionally drained from little Jake dying on “General Hospital” the week prior, but I just wasn’t feeling the scenes of Jesse’s torment and pain. I know baby switching is a soap staple, but I do not get Jesse’s motivation for duping his blind wife into thinking the abandoned baby was her own. It actually seemed kind of cruel. And Brot didn’t seem to have any qualms about facilitating it. How could he just bury the baby like that with no second thought? Not to mention: What are the chances the baby dropped off in Brot’s car, at the exact moment Angie’s baby died, was the correct race, sex and blood type? Sometimes things are just too absurd to overlook. I did start to become more invested once Jesse and Brot brought Angie to the hospital and she started to bond with the baby though. At least Cara was smart enough to question how the baby could have survived the traumatic birth, that in reality should have killed it.

New addition.
Of course the girl who left the baby in Brot’s car ran into Asher immediately afterwards. Even though it just added to the absurdity, it was overall a good thing because she will create more drama once she eventually meets the Hubbards and realizes their baby is actually hers. It also gives Colby and Asher another young person to play off of. Not that I want Pine Valley crawling with teens and young adults, but those two really need to make some friends.