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Lori’s All My Children Weekly Wrap Up For March 21 – 25:

Last week treated us to worrisome rumors, an unseen auction and some questionable character developments. A few other things happened as well, so let’s get to it.

A reprieve.
Last week the rumors about All My Children getting canceled grew louder. However, they were laid to rest when a few of the actors took to Twitter, and the like, to alleviate their fans’ fears. While they assured us the show wasn’t going anywhere, they urged their fans to call in to voice their support. As Soaps.com’s Editor in Chief, Christine Fix pointed out, if the show was so safe, why the call for action? I have no idea what the real story is, but I won’t be too surprised if we learn in the next couple of weeks or months that Pine Valley will be no more. However, I will be pretty bummed out if that does happen.

Pine Valley’s hottest hunks.
While I found the ensuing dates to be a lot of fun, the silent bachelor auction itself was lame. I would rather have seen the single men of Pine Valley strut their stuff down a catwalk while the women bid on them, silently, or otherwise. I imagined Opal battling Kendall for hot doc Griffin and Krystal and Erica going head to head for Jack. Instead, we just got the women dolling out their cash on their cell phones. I also had to wonder why Cara, who was supposed to be pretending to be happily married, placed a bid. I realize she was supposed to bid on her brother, but when she changed her mind, why not just give the money to charity outright? I can’t imagine her going on the date, even if it was with a fake minister, was good for her cover. Not enough single women in Pine Valley I guess. Who had the best date? Vote in our All My Children Poll: Up For Auction.