Melissa works the pole! (

She is best known for playing Pine Valley’s good-girl Annie Lavery, but Melissa Claire Egan is much more than her on-screen persona. The Melissa I chatted with just a couple of days ago was funny and warm and had a lot to say about her hopes for a fun-filled Annie in Pine Valley!

Here is what Melissa had to say about Annie, pole dancing and that hunk we call Ryan.

Kristi: “Let’s talk about Annie for a bit – What makes her a fun character to play?”

Melissa: “She’s a lot different than Melissa, that makes her fun! She is a wife and mom and very different from me. I’m also liking that they are toughening her up, she is having to pick herself up and move on [with her life]. (Spoiler alert fans, as I spoke with Melissa, she mentioned that Annie and Ryan are over – at least for now!) They’re making her feisty.”

Kristi: “Annie is kind of a goody-girl but this month we’ve seen her kind of lose it with Ryan (about his memory) and we’ve seen a tougher side with Richie, too. Is Annie finally coming out of her shell? And will she revert to her old self?”