Uncertain future.

Updated March 28:

Everyone has been reporting on the rumors of the demise of “All My Children” lately, even creator Agnes Nixon’s son-in-law, TV columnist and pop culture writer David Hiltbrand. A former scriptwriter for the ABC soap, Hiltbrand also feared the worst in his column last week on Philly.com. Our concerns were eased though when a few actors took to Twitter to reassure their fans the show would go on. And now comes word from the first lady of Pine Valley, Susan Lucci (Erica Kane). To find out what she had to say about the future of “All My Children” watch her video interview from Good Morning America.

Updated March 25:

Editor-in-Chief of Soaps.com, Christine Fix worries about the future of the show. “The fact that two or three AMC actors are all over this on social media outlets claiming the show isn’t going under yet insisting fans contact the show to support them, doesn’t alleviate our concerns.”

Updated March 23:

Bobbie Eakes took to Twitter to reassure her fans: “AMC is not being cancelled. But now is a great time to let the network know you’d like to keep it that way. Thanks for all the support!!”

Same day update:

FOX News reports a writer, who wished to remain nameless, from “All My Children,” told them, “Everyone always says the writing is on the wall for soap operas to shut down, but this time the writing is in capital letters. We all hope we can get jobs in reality television.”

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Originally posted March 22:

All My Children has been on the air for 41 years and is home to one of the most famous soaps divas of all time: Erica Kane (Susan Lucci). But could Erica and the classic ABC soap’s time be up? The rumors of the show’s demise have been circling for a while now, but they recently picked up steam again after a recent report from Deadline.

In the article, the entertainment outlet cites low ratings as one of the reasons “All My Children” could be the one to leave the ABC Daytime lineup. The show reportedly received recent back-to-back all time low ratings in the Women 18-49 demographic, placing it last behind all the other soaps. Their ratings for the week of March 7, were apparently also down 34% from last year.

In an attempt to save money, ABC moved the production of “All My Children” from New York to Los Angeles last year. That seemed to signal their commitment to the Daytime drama, but the move also marked the exits of a few fan favorite characters. Adam (David Canary) and Zach (Thorsten Kaye) left the canvas, as their portrayers did not want to make the trek to the west coast. The show has tried to introduce new characters – Caleb (Michael Nouri), Griffin (Jordi Vilasuso) – to take their place, but the void felt by the fans does not yet seem to be filled.

Now there’s chatter a talk show will take the place of “All My Children” should it go off the air. We’ve all heard the reports that they are cheaper to produce, but would you watch yet another talk show?

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