The truth comes out. (

Lori’s All My Children Weekly Wrap Up For March 14 – March 18:

Last week, Annie’s storyline was resolved, Ryan discovered the truth, and the elders of Pine Valley doled out some advice. A few other things happened as well, so let’s get to it.

Siding with Ryan on this one.

Ryan finally clued in and discovered he was the father of Madison’s baby. He seemed to be more confused than upset though, which I would have been more of the latter. Madison’s argument for why she kept him in the dark was pretty weak in my opinion. I usually like to side with women in these instances, but I just can’t this time. The baby is Ryan’s, not just Madison’s, as she keeps trying to claim. He is not abusive or a drug addict or a criminal. He may be flaky, a little clueless and has a Superman complex, but he is stable, has money and loves his other kids so he should be allowed in his new baby’s life. Madison just sounded selfish and unreasonable to me. And don’t get me started on Greenlee. I still don’t get why she didn’t tell Ryan about the baby from the beginning. To find out what Ryan’s portrayer had to say about the situation, check out All My Children’s Cameron Mathison Talks Castle and Ryan.

Come back soon.
It was nice to have Joe around counseling both his sons and even express his doubts over Tad and Cara’s marriage. It would be nice if Joe could pop up every once in awhile to offer some sage advice or just bond with his boys. A go-to elder is always a nice stabilizing force in a soap. I know Opal is always there for Tad, but Joe is a little more level headed and reassuring somehow.

And just like that, she was gone.

Annie briefly returned so Emma could come home and she could be shipped off to the loony bin. It was tough to see Annie go considering I was reminded how much I enjoyed Melissa Claire Egan in the role. I hope the actress goes on to find success in Primetime or films, but she will be missed in Daytime. It seems all the strong forces in Pine Valley have left. I was glad to see JR break down though, as Annie was taken away, believing she was going to prepare for their wedding. With all his attention being lavished on Marissa again, I was concerned he completely forgot about his crazy ex. Although, now that he and Amanda are back in each other’s orbits, JR might have a new distraction soon.