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Lori’s All My Children Weekly Wrap Up For March 7 – March 11:

Last week saw Pine Valley play host to a wedding, a reveal and not so fresh business ideas. A few other things happened as well, so let’s get to it.

Revolutionary ideas.

Colby has embraced her confession being posted online, much to her mother’s chagrin. It seems this will somehow lead her to enter Caleb and Erica’s storyline, because they’ve had the late-to-the-party idea to use social media. I can’t imagine Colby working for or helping Caleb and Cortlandt Electronics will go over well with her big brother JR, but the big issue here is, why isn’t a major corporation like CE already using social media? I sort of feel the same way about Madison’s not so original idea for a new product line – organic, non-toxic products for expectant mothers. I guess the expectant mother part is the niche they’re going for, but it seems like Fusion would, or should, already have an organic line of products. What happened to the nanotech idea? That seemed cutting edge, unlike these already mainstream concepts Pine Valley denizens are suddenly coming up with.

It’s official.

Despite flak from some family members on both sides, Tad and Cara got hitched. Tad seemed genuinely happy to be getting married and embraced the charade. He even introduced a few Mexican (I assumed) traditions into the ceremony to make it even more authentic. It seems he’s already falling for his brother’s ex-wife, or else he’s just happy to not be alone anymore. Either way, it’s nice to see Tad happy and I hope it continues.