Tad's charm fails him. (Soaps.com)

Lori’s All My Children Weekly Wrap Up For February 28 – March 4:

Pine Valley was full of new developments, surprises and humor last week. There was a lot going on, mostly good, some iffy, so let’s get to it.

Personal space invader.
I really wish Kendall would open her eyes and realize how off Ricky is. He constantly walks into her house unannounced, answers her phone, badgers her to reveal personal information and basically stalks her. I know she’s still grieving, but her creepy dude radar should still be intact, especially since she thinks someone killed her husband. I’m glad she’s got Griffin to watch out for her, but I wish she wasn’t being written as such a victim. I would rather see her realize what Ricky is up to and try and out fox him, even if it is with Griffin or some other man’s help.

Starting out as friends.
As Bianca dealt with her custody issues with Reese, Marissa was one step ahead of her predicting how it would play out. Marissa has been right so far about Reese wanting the kids and she’s being a good friend and lawyer to Bianca, but I wonder if it will lead to more than that. Marissa doesn’t have much of a purpose on the show right now and since she is handling Bianca’s case instead of Bianca’s more experienced Uncle Jack, I have to wonder if they are testing out their chemistry. What would you like to see happen? Tell us in our All My Children Poll: Bianca’s Love Life.

Gone viral.
Upset because Damon and Liza slept together and Asher knew about it, Colby told her story to the world when she accidentally posted her video confession online. This should create quite the stir to all those involved, but since I don’t much like her or Asher and Damon’s not around anymore, it lessens the drama for me. Unless of course it leads to a whole new story, then I might be interested. I wonder if Colby will find out Tad also knew about the illicit one night stand and kept it from her.