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Lori’s All My Children Weekly Wrap Up For February 21 – February 25:

Last week, the residents of Pine Valley were rocked with revelations and surprises. It was a pretty good week filled with tons of drama, so let’s get to it.

Heading to the chapel.

In order to save Cara from getting deported, Tad announced they were getting married. Even though it’s a classic soap move, I really like this development and hope the cliché continues with Cara and Tad genuinely falling in love. They have great chemistry and she’s a lot more fun when she’s around him as compared to how angsty she is with Jake. I’m totally on team Cad, or Tara, or whatever you want to call them. I loved Liza calling them out about the fake marriage. It would have been ridiculous had Liza just bought it and Tad and Cara’s bumbling attempts at looking like a real couple were pretty amusing.

You did what?
As if dealing with the fact that his brother was going to marry his ex-wife wasn’t enough, Jake learned his current wife turned Cara in to immigration. That did not go over well. I’m sure it will take him awhile to forgive her, but I hope they work it out in the end because I’m a big fan of Jake and Amanda’s.

Like mother, like daughter.

Colby also had one mother of a revelation when she put the pieces together and figured out Liza slept with Damon. The scenes between Liza and Colby were great and it was quite possibly the first time I actually liked Colby. Probably because she didn’t go too over the top and acted more subdued in her anger than usual. While the mother/daughter stuff was compelling, I couldn’t help but wonder how much more of an impact the reveal would have had if Damon were around. On a side note, I was kind of surprised that Colby didn’t know about Tad and Marian. I thought that whole scandal was common knowledge.