We all know that Kendall Hart is not a fading violet and she is never without a man for very long. But, though, the beautiful Pine Valley vixen has had a string of beaus, there have only been two who have changed her life: Ryan Lavery and Zach Slater.

So we had to ask, on this Valentine’s Day, who is Kendall’s true soulmate?

First, we have to dispense with all of the “other” men in her life. Men who attracted her attention but for whatever reason never held on to her heart. There was Anton (her first husband) who married Kendall so they could both get back at parents Erica and Dmitri. There was Del, with whom she fell in love while writing a tell-all book about Erica. Del went to Florida with Kendall but a few months later she returned, alone, and began to fall for Ryan Lavery (we’ll get more in-depth with Ryan in a second). There was Aidan, who actually broke up Kendall and Ryan’s first engagement, and then Michael Cambias, who was a rapist. Ethan Cambias seemed to have the potential to steal Kendall’s heart but it turned out her real attraction was to his money. This, however, brought Zach Slater to town. During this time, however, Kendall was still hung up on Ryan. So let’s focus on the piece of Kendall’s heart that belongs to Ryan.

Why is Kendall continuously attracted to him?