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Lori’s All My Children Weekly Wrap Up For February 7 – February 11:

Last week gave us the answers to one storyline, while ramping up the drama to a couple of others. Let’s get to it, shall we?

Lackluster bombshell.
After Griffin saved Kendall’s life (was there any doubt?) with David’s help, Jake saw Cara’s necklace with her wedding ring on it. She tried to explain it away, but to no avail and finally fessed up as to why she left him: Members of a drug cartel were out for revenge after one of their people died while Cara treated a child first. I don’t know about you, but I felt it was a pretty weak explanation. I’m not sure what I wanted her reasons to be, but it seems like all she had to do was tell Jake they were in danger and they could have left Africa together. That’s a lot of drama and heartache to put yourself through for no reason at all. She left with Griffin after all, did she not care that she was putting him in danger as well? What I did like about those scenes though was Jake’s understated response to her confession. I really dig how calm he is upon hearing the most life altering news. There are no histrionics or outbursts, yet you can still relate to his pain. Who knows what this revelation will mean for Jake and Amanda’s marriage, but there is certainly more interesting drama to come.

New and improved?

While I didn’t particularly like David’s predictable return from the dead or the month he spent in a coma afterwards, I am loving him now that he’s back among the living. You know the wheels are still turning in his head as he plots and plans, but he is acting more like a human being with some relatable qualities. His villainy is just below the surface instead of in your face, which is more realistic and far more entertaining in my opinion. What’s yours? Vote in our poll on Caleb Cortlandt.

The other side of the coin.
While David is more shades of grey these days, Annie is full on, all over the map crazy. From crashing into the ambulance to handcuffing Colby to attacking Marissa, Annie has definitely gone off the deep end. JR can’t ignore it any longer, but he is trying to handle her as delicately as he can. His concern for her is admirable, it’s just too bad his good intentions will give Annie the time she needs to do even more damage.