ABC Daytime's latest CD!! (

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Kendall Hart Slater, played by Alicia Minshew, is releasing her
first romance novel! We’ve seen a bit about the book on All My Children in the past few weeks, but did you know the book is actually real?

Well, it is, and you can buy it starting February 5!

Here is a bit of backstory on the book:

Remember when Zach and Greenlee were trapped in the bomb shelter and a therapist told Kendall that writing things down might help her deal with the stress? Well, Kendall took that to heart and began writing a story. This book is the result of that work – and wouldn’t have even gotten this far if Greenlee didn’t take it from Kendall’s bag, read it and send it to an editor friend.

Okay, okay, these are fictional people who did fictional things so how can it be a real book? Because The Powers That Be at ABC Daytime made it so; they’ve created an entire book written by Kendall Hart Slater.