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Lori’s All My Children Weekly Wrap Up For January 31 – February 4:

Last week, Kendall remembered, Ryan plotted and Annie of course went off the deep end. Other things seeped in there as well, so let’s get to it.

Cut from the same cloth?

I hate how Ryan set David up to look like he was trying to escape the hospital. First of all, it was way too elaborate to be accomplished in that short of a time frame. Secondly, Ryan was too smug about it, when in reality he was acting almost as bad as David. And why Jesse fell for Ryan’s set up hook, line and sinker is beyond me. Beenaroundalongtime agrees, posting, “Jesse, you know David. He wouldn’t be this sloppy. It was too easy.” While many posters also feel Ryan is no better than David, jumps disagrees: “Difference between David and Ryan…David intended to murder Ryan. Ryan did not have any such intentions.” Who do you think is worse?

No judgment.
JR is finally seeing how far off the rails Annie has gone and is doing his best to get her some help. I don’t necessarily believe he is in love with her, as he tried to make her believe, but at least he is decent enough not to kick her to the curb. Too bad he didn’t see this sooner though, or at least drive her home from the beach cottage before she drove into the ambulance, endangering so many lives. Although, JR leaving her behind did give Annie time to tackle a snooping Colby and handcuff her, which I enjoyed very much.