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After the crash.

As we’ve already learned in part one of our interview with Alicia Minshew, by the end of this week, Kendall collapses again after remembering she was the one who shot David [Vincent Irizarry]. Once Griffin [Jordi Vilasuso] finds her, he, Cara [Lindsay Hartley] and Jake [Ricky Paull Goldin] race to the hospital in an ambulance, but due to poor weather conditions and a hallucinating Annie [Melissa Claire Egan], they get into an accident. As we continued our conversation with Alicia Minshew [Kendall] on the set while she was filming some of these scenes, she gave us more insight into what was to come.

After the crash, Alicia previewed, “Basically [Kendall’s] about to die. They realize they don’t even have time to get her to the hospital. They have to operate right there. Griffin does it, but the irony is the one doctor they have to call to help him through the surgery via satellite is David Hayward. So David ultimately helps save Kendall’s life, which I think is a great twist, especially since she blames him for Zach’s [Thorsten Kaye] death. In her mind.”

It’s also a great twist considering David knows Kendall was actually the one to shoot him. When we brought this plot point up, Alicia reiterated, “He knows. I don’t think he knows she’s realized it yet because this whole time she’s sort of been in denial about it. Even in spite of the fact that he knows she shot him, he still steps up and saves her. I think it just makes a great thing for everybody to play. Something different.”