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Lori’s All My Children Weekly Wrap Up For January 24 – 28:

Last week gave us more insight into Cara, a farewell to Damon and the continued dismantling of Annie. Some other things, good and bad, happened as well, so let’s get to it…

Go west young man.
Damon’s gone. I don’t feel that it’s the hugest loss, but I recognize the lost storyline potential. Not for the fallout of Liza and Damon’s affair, but for Damon and his father Tad and possibly the brother he never met, Jamie. All that’s left of the younger set now is Colby and Asher and I kind of wish they would follow Damon to California.

Out of character.
David is acting suspiciously like a human being, with just flashes of the old David in there. He agreed to divorce Greenlee by signing the papers as soon as she presented them to him. He also reached out to Liza, but she thought he was manipulating her. He was certainly earnest about wanting to help her though, wasn’t he? HipHopGrandma thinks it’s a ruse, as she posted in the daily comments section: “Remember, this is David Hayward we’re talking about, and David always has an ulterior motive. Whatever he’s planning, it will not be good for Greenlee and Ryan.” What do you think? Does David have something up his sleeve?

Getting real.
Cara admitted to Jake she had leukemia as a child last week and that’s why she got so outraged about the little girl’s parents’ treatment of her. They were nice scenes between the two but I certainly hope there’s more to her story about why she left him in Africa. Wanting to see the world to find more adventure just doesn’t cut it. Diana8254 mused, “I wonder if Cara’s cancer came back and that is why she left Jake.” That’s a good possibility, but I still hope it’s more than just about her health. I want a good mystery or adventure story in there. What do you think the real story is? Vote in our All My Children Poll: The Truth About Cara.