Kendall in jeopardy. (ABC)

Danger ahead. recently visited the set of All My Children as they taped scenes from the ambulance crash storyline that kicks off next week. We caught up with Alicia Minshew (clad in a hospital gown, fashionably accented with boots befitting Kendall, of course) who previewed what’s to come.

After shooting 17 scenes lying in the ambulance, where she had to cry a lot, Alicia shared turning on the waterworks isn’t that difficult. “It’s funny, now that I’ve played the character for so long, I don’t really have to work myself up at all,” she responded when asked how she cries so easily. “I really just, I feel so connected to what she’s gone through as a person and losing her husband is something I think can resonate with anybody, as an extremely sad thing. So I really just pay attention to what she’s gone through, if it’s something with her kids or her husband. It’s very easy for me to go there now. Maybe it wasn’t years ago when I first started, but now I just feel so connected to what’s happened to her. Just today in the ambulance, they had a scene where Kendall thinks she sees Zach (Thorsten Kaye) and they said, ‘Okay, Zach is standing over you.’ And I just went [makes sobbing sound] and started crying. You know, because I’m just so connected to the character and to him. So, I think now, it’s just kind of coming naturally to me. I’m an emotional person anyway. It’s not too hard for me.”

Emotions get stirred up this time around when Kendall collapses while confronting David [Vincent Irizarry] in jail. David apparently gets out to help her to the hospital, where he promptly gets into an argument with Ryan (Cameron Mathison). This of course knocks something loose in Kendall’s memory. “She remembers seeing David and Ryan fight. So hearing them fight triggered everything and she just remembered that night just from hearing them and it all came back to her,” she explained. “And of course Griffin [Jordi Vilasuso] walks in and she’s freaking out, ‘I did it. I shot David!'”

Kendall is understandably shaken and feels the need to find Erica (Susan Lucci), which sets off a dangerous chain of events. “I’m anxious to tell my mother that I remember that I shot David,” she sets up. “So she’s drugged up and grabs her coat and her boots and wanders around looking for her mother and then collapses. She has heart problems again. Griffin finds her, calls an ambulance, rushes to the hospital, the roads are icy and the ambulance crashes. So it’s Cara, Jake and Griffin. The three of them are with Kendall and it’s not good.”