Chrishell says "Amanda" is fun to play! (

Hey there, soap fans, it’s time for part two of’s chat with All My Children’s Chrishell Stause! Last week, our article focused on Chrishell’s other acting work (she has two movies coming out that you can read that article here). This week, it’s all about Amanda – and Chrishell’s future on the show!

Let’s get to it!

Kristi: “The last time we saw Amanda she was helping to clear JR’s name. . .after nearly landing him in prison. What is next for her?”

Chrishell: “Sadly right now I think Amanda is so confused. She has everything she said she wanted and now here she is: money, cars, she can care for her mother and it’s still not made her happy. She’s lonely. Now we get to see a different side of her. She’s still working at Fusion and she is only there for one reason: friends.”

Kristi: “Was Amanda really hurt by JR? And if so, will this change her character from the sort-of-nice girl to all-bad-all-the-time?”

Chrishell: “I think the real Amanda is both. She was really hurt and the way she deals with hurt is to lash back. So both of them are a side of her. She can be very vulnerable but as soon as you hurt her, watch out!”

Kristi: “Does that make the character a fun one to play?”