Lying for love. (

Lori’s All My Children Weekly Wrap Up For January 17 – 21:

Last week we learned someone is on their way out, David woke up and Scott worked on his routine. A few other things happened as well, so let’s take a look back at the week in Pine Valley.

Ending a crazy week of casting shake-ups across the Daytime board, Melissa Claire Egan announced she will be leaving the role of Annie Novak McDermott Lavery Chandler Chandler. I have to say I’m pretty disappointed. I’ve really been enjoying Annie of late and am loving her chemistry with JR. I don’t know how she will be written out or if she will be recast, but it sure feels like all her crazy behavior is leading up to her exit. That’s just my feeling, not a spoiler. If the character is written out, how would you like to see her go? I personally would like to see her leave with her independence restored, but I’m not sure that will happen.

Tainted love.

After getting permission from Kendall to leave, and breaking the sound barrier, Greenlee ended up on the beach, where Zach died, with Ryan. This led to them getting engaged, which could have been sweet had Greenlee not been keeping the news about Madison’s baby from him. It was hard to believe her words about honoring their union and protecting what they have when she was lying to him about his conceiving a child with another woman. I can’t imagine he will forgive her when he finds out. Now that David is awake, I wonder if he will have anything to do with breaking that news to Ryan. What do you think about it all? Vote in our All My Children Poll: Ryan and Greenlee’s Engagement.

Same old David?
Speaking of David, I thoroughly enjoyed his scenes with Griffin last week, as he seemed like a normal human being for a change. One I’d like to see more of. I don’t want him to be an out and out good guy, but I’d like him to be someone I can root for again, while walking the fine line between good and bad. His interaction with Griffin showed a glimmer of what he could be. I also felt kind of bad for him when he saw Greenlee’s engagement ring. I can only imagine how this will set him off. He’s already got Erica under his thumb by revealing the fact that he somehow magically saw Kendall shoot him in the back, but so far all he’s wanted from her was a visit from Greenlee. Not too vengeful yet. Considering David almost got Erica killed, they really should just call it even though.