Julia Barr playing Brooke English. (Soaps.com)

She may have been missing from Pine Valley for just over a year, but we haven’t forgotten Julia Barr, ex-Brooke. And, it turns out, she hasn’t forgotten the fans, either. For the past year Julia has been very busy with other projects, and she says she would consider a return to All My Children!

Soaps.com recently caught up with Julia through an email question and answer session to find out what has been going on with our favorite star.

Kristi: “Your last day at AMC was in December 2006. What have you been up to since?”

Julia: “A little bit of everything! I have been traveling a lot – – visiting friends around the country and also, Richie and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary in Europe. In addition, I’ve been doing some staged play readings with friends and colleagues including one with Kim Zimmer, (Reva, Guiding Light), Bobbie Eakes, (Krystal) and Kelli Giddish(ex-Di). I also took a fascinating seminar relating to holistic animal health. So I’ve been keeping busy and really enjoying myself.

Kristi: “Fans always ask about Brooke and the possibility of a return to All My Children. Would you ever consider returning to the role?”