Taking the plunge. (Soaps.com)

Lori’s All My Children Weekly Wrap Up For January 10 – 14:

Last week brought the drama and a little bit of craziness, as Damon and Liza crossed the line and Annie started circling the drain. A little romance seeped in as well courtesy of Brot and Natalia, which was definitely a bright spot. So, let’s get to it.

Not exactly “OZ.”

I love the new life breathed into the character of Scott. I believe he is a force to be reckoned with and look forward to seeing what will come from his deal with Greenlee to romance Madison. However, what I’m not buying is that he’s had a hard time in prison. Every time he says it, while he’s lounging in the visitor’s area, which seems to be solely used by him, I just laugh. Talk to tortured Michael Corinthos in sister city Port Charles and then get back to me on your rough prison stint Scott.

Like father like son.
The fallout of Damon and Liza sleeping together provided some pretty great drama and acting on behalf of Jamie Luner (Liza), Finn Wittrock (Damon) and Michael Knight (Tad). Damon and Liza’s pain was palpable, as was Tad’s disgust for Liza’s actions, yet regret over his own past behavior with her. Although stunned by his son’s admission, Tad was quick to support Damon, who could barely look his father in the eye. I’m not sure I agree with Tad’s advice to keep his indiscretion from Colby, but I was pretty enthralled as the all scenes played out. What do you think? Should someone tell Colby the truth, or should it remain a secret? Vote in our All My Children Poll: Should Colby Know the Truth?