This can't end well. (

Lori’s All My Children Weekly Wrap Up For January 3 – 7:

Last week I complained because there were no New Year’s Eve celebrations, but this week made up for it with a New Year’s treat courtesy of Erica Kane. Of course other things happened as well, so let’s get to it.

An unhappy New Year.

Monday’s episode started with Erica writing her late mother a letter explaining all that had been going on in her life. She then set upon a tour of Pine Valley where she dropped in on Kendall and David, and of course ran into Caleb. Even though there were no happy celebrations, it was one of the best episodes of All My Children in a long time. I’m not usually a fan of Erica’s, considering her penchant for histrionics, but aside from her outburst at Kendall’s about how hard it was to keep things together, she was subtle, understated and relatable for once. Her visit with Kendall led to her taking a drink (which I think should really be addressed more thoroughly), Kendall ending up in the hospital after a severe coughing fit, Caleb realizing it was Kendall who actually shot David and of course the inevitable kiss between Caleb and Erica. I really enjoy Caleb (who seems to be the epitome of understated) but I’m still not sold on this potential pairing. But I digress. I have to admit, until I read the spoilers, I did not see Kendall as the shooter coming. Did you? Regardless of how I feel about Zach’s death and David’s never-ending coma, the ensuing story has given us great performances, a lot of quality drama and even a surprise twist.

While I don’t miss the old Marissa, this new one seems to forget that she and JR have a contentious relationship. I feel like she’s being played with too much compassion towards her ex. The old Marissa at least retained a hint of disdain and wariness of JR’s civil demeanor. I can only hope she has ulterior motives as well.