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Lori’s All My Children Weekly Wrap Up For December 27 – 31:

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a great time ringing in 2011. There was plenty of leftover Christmas cheer and agony going around in Pine Valley last week, but no one was seen ushering in the New Year. I’m a little disappointed there were no 2011 celebrations, but there was a bunch of other stuff happening during the shortened week, so let’s get to it…

An already stronger nuMarissa gave JR the Christmas present he was hoping for, which was joint custody of AJ. Sadly for Annie, that didn’t mean they could be out in the open as a couple yet, as JR is waiting for all the papers to be signed. You better hurry up JR, or else the next time Annie handcuffs you, she might not let you go. After her holiday good cheer, Marissa visited nuScott in prison to assure him she was trying to help him get out of there. Daniel Cosgrove and Sarah Glendening have really given these characters new life. I see genuine romantic possibilities between these two incarnations of the characters and look forward to seeing what’s to come. The best part about Scott getting recast though is his newfound chemistry with JR. I believe this Scott can go toe to toe with JR and even beat him. Their banter when JR paid Scott a visit was highly entertaining and a sign they have the makings of a truly great rivalry. For once, I’m excited about Scott’s storyline. What do you think about the recasts? Vote in our All My Children Poll: Scott and Marissa.

Taking action.
Annie wasn’t the only one turning green with jealousy last week, as Amanda’s insecurity over Cara being in town got the best of her. After learning Jake and Cara worked together again at the hospital, Amanda secretly called someone pretending to be Cara in order to find out when her papers would be ready for international travel. You can’t blame the girl for wanting Cara gone, considering how affected Jake has been by his ex’s presence, but since it’s a soap, you know only bad things will come from her harmless meddling.