Goodbye Adam. (ABC)

A look back at 2010…

Pine Valley had many stand-out moments in 2010. From a new headwriter who brought back the Good Ole’ Days for many of us (Thanks, Lorraine Broderick!!), to a few tearful goodbyes, All My Children had us alternately reaching for tissues and sitting in anticipation for something big to happen. Who expected JR and Annie to have a fling? Or Greenlee to actually marry – and defend! – David Hayward? Who knew we would lose so many of our favorite actors in a single year? Or see so many of our favorite actresses expand their repertoire to become true forces in soapland?

Without further ado, here are my highlights of 2010 in Pine Valley!

The year Pine Valley turned 40.
2010 marked a huge milestone in the life of All My Children: Pine Valley turned 40 and its citizens, fans and family all joined in the celebration. Although everyone who has been an integral part of our favorite soap opera town couldn’t be there, the writers pulled out all the stops to bring in as many fan-favorites as they could. And having some of the biggest and brightest stars reminding us why Pine Valley was named “Best Town In America?” Priceless!

David and Greenlee get married.
I’m not sure who was more surprised the day Greenlee raised her veil to marry David: me or my dog. Because I screamed so loud I think people could hear me three streets over. I was that shocked. I love a good soap opera reveal, and Greenlee’s back-from-the-dead, marrying-David reveal was big. I hoped it was her comeback. I hoped it wasn’t. I wanted it and yet I didn’t so when it really happened I was just shocked. And then, to see her push Ryan away and actually go through with it? It was just All My Children at its best. Kudos to the writers for that one, because you got me. You really got me!

Goodbye, Palmer.
We all knew it was coming, and yet the day it happened, the earth stood still. At least for me. I can’t remember a time when James Mitchell wasn’t playing Palmer Cortlandt, villain and hero, in Pine Valley. He was a character we loved to hate, an actor we had to watch and such an integral part of life for soap fans, that the day he died many of us grabbed the tissues and just held on. When AMC paid tribute to the man and the character, we held on again. And the end? When Dixie welcomed Palmer into heaven? Was there a dry eye in any house?

Angie’s eyes (and a baby, too?).
Debbi Morgan has been one of my favorite actresses since she first appeared in Pine Valley back in the 1980s. As Dr. Angie Hubbard, she has a depth and emotion that could come off as a little bit egotistical, but she makes Angie so likeable that the ego is forgotten at the door. In 2010, we were given the chance to laugh a little and cry a lot with Angie. As she lost her sight, as she lost her ability to heal and as she dealt with the reality of being pregnant and not being able to see her child, she had some tough questions to answer. Could she handle this challenge? Where was God when she needed him most? When she questioned her faith, I was right there with her. Weren’t you?