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Lori’s All My Children Weekly Wrap Up For December 20 – 24:

Last week was shortened due to the Christmas holiday. I hope everyone enjoyed their festivities, or just had a great long weekend. There wasn’t much joy or celebrating in Pine Valley though, as Kendall continued to grieve, Annie further stewed over her secret relationship with JR and Greenlee discovered Madison was pregnant. While it was a brief week, a lot happened, so let’s get to it…

Dirty little secret.
JR is playing a dangerous game with Annie by continuing to keep their relationship a secret. The fact that he just stared at her with his mouth open when she told him she loved him did not help matters either. I was happy Amanda suggested to Annie that she might be the one who constantly sabotages her own happiness, but telling her to just trust things will work out wasn’t the best advice. I would have preferred if Amanda suggested Annie respect herself a little more and make better choices for herself and Emma. That said, I really do enjoy Annie and JR’s chemistry and I don’t understand why they are forcing JR back into Marissa’s orbit. I hope the writers don’t go down that path again because they are boring together and have no chemistry. Maybe things will be different with nuMarissa, but JR and Annie are the money couple right now, so they should capitalize on that.

The secret’s out.

Greenlee hacked into the hospital computer system and discovered Madison was pregnant. Upon being confronted about her bun in the oven, Madison called Greenlee out on how illegal it was to look at her private information. Greenlee hilariously responded that she didn’t care and then lit into Madison about being knocked up with Ryan’s baby, which was over-the-top harsh. Madison got pregnant while she was dating Ryan. After Greenlee rejected him. She didn’t set out to trap him in hopes he would leave Greenlee for her, so Greens needs to take it down a notch. Much like Ryan needs to stop trying to make himself feel better by trying to save every woman he comes into contact with. It’s tiresome.