Things are heating up. (

Lori’s All My Children Weekly Wrap Up For December 13 – 17:

Last week on All My Children, Jake was faced with some truths, Annie started to crack and some realism crept into Pine Valley. Let’s break it all down, shall we?

The downward spiral?
Annie told JR he was her world last week. How sad. She has a daughter, a job and even a new friend in Amanda. I am loving Annie these days and enjoy the chemistry she has with JR, but I really hate when women are written so pathetically dependent on men. But this is a soap opera we’re talking about, so it’s to be expected. Annie was of course disappointed when JR only gave her earrings instead of an engagement ring as a present. The ink isn’t even dry on her divorce papers. Is she really ready to marry her third Chandler already? JR certainly doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to walk down any aisles, which can probably only mean that breaking Marissa’s Christmas ornament won’t be the worst thing she does out of jealousy.

Kane wisdom.

It’s kind of hard for me to be upset with Erica for being so rude to Jack’s daughter, when I think she’s right. Greenlee has only caused drama, trauma and pain since her return from the dead and she should probably stay away from Kendall right now. I still don’t know why Greenlee has been let off the hook for setting Erica up for embezzlement and for keeping David’s involvement in Erica’s plane crash a secret. Has Jack forgotten his fiancée almost went to jail and almost died because of his daughter and her husband? Apparently so. Surprisingly, I think Erica is the only one who sees things for how they are right now, as she also astutely told Jack that if he really wanted them to be a family, then he should worry about Kendall as much as he does about Greenlee. Erica then gave Kendall some good advice by telling her not to act on her impulse to kill David, but to focus on her boys instead. It’s nice to know that someone is the voice of reason in Pine Valley, but who knew it would be Erica Kane?