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Lori’s All My Children Weekly Wrap Up For December 6 – 10:

Pine Valley was a pretty good place to be last week. Storylines moved forward, there was some entertainment and even some good drama. Of course, there were a few things that bothered me as well, so let’s break it all down…

Saying goodbye.

Alicia Minshew continued to act her butt off last week, as Kendall finally succumbed to having a memorial for Zach. As a fellow former Detroiter and Red Wings fan, I have always loved Thorsten Kaye’s onscreen references to his favorite hockey team, so I adored that they put little Spike in a Wings t-shirt in honor of his Daddy Zach. While that was a high point for me, I couldn’t help but notice the very large headshot of Thorsten Kaye that was on display for the characters to pay their respects to. I think there actually were some candid shots in the background, but for some reason soaps always use headshots for memorial services and just as props lying around characters’ homes. Can’t they borrow some personal photos from the actors to make it more realistic? Or snap a few themselves? It always makes me laugh and kind of takes me out of the scene when I see a framed professional photo on one of the sets.

Plan in motion.

JR really laid his act on thick for Marissa last week when he visited David in the hospital. Knowing Marissa could hear him, JR pretended to make some sort of peace with a comatose David and then turned on the charm and played on their history to get her to soften towards him in regards to AJ. She certainly seems to be buying it, but his plan just can’t end well where Annie is concerned. She’s already getting jealous and I fear she will revert back to her crazy ways. And just when I was liking the new and improved Annie.