A brief Griffin sighting. (Soaps.com)

Lori’s All My Children Weekly Wrap Up For November 29 – December 3:

Last week’s All My Children felt pretty ho-hum. There were a couple of major things to happen, but nothing that really excited me. Well, except for my new favorite Pine Valley couple getting busy again. Let’s get to it…

David’s return.

So, David comes back from the dead only to be shot by Erica and left in a coma. I would rather see him running around Pine Valley taunting people without almost dying for real. I mean, what good is a villain if they are out of commission? He also needs to let go of his feelings for Greenlee and pair off with someone as devious as him. I think he and Liza could make an interesting duo.

Innocent bystander.

I’m not entirely sure what the point of Madison getting shot was. It feels like an empty action, which I’m sure will be forgotten within two episodes. She does learn something life altering this week though (to find out what it is check out the All My Children spoilers), which I suppose she could discover due to her hospital visit. If that’s the case, I could think of numerous other ways for her to find out, which would be more realistic and organic.

Scene of the crime.

Greenlee brought Kendall to the beach where Zach’s plane exploded. Once there, Kendall finally took the blame for Zach leaving to help Greenlee. She also received his in-perfect-condition bag that still contained the legible letter she wrote him, despite it being in an explosion and the ocean. Aside from that absurdity, it was pretty hilarious how quickly Greenlee and Kendall got to California from Pine Valley. What was it – one scene? Travel time is truly one of the more comical things about soaps.